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Things I've tinkered with.


Political News Summarisation

Co-founded a company at an MIT startup incubator which automatically aggregates online news from multiple political sources and condenses articles into short paragraphs using extractive text summarisation. Served as full-stack developer and pitched product to multiple VCs in the Boston area.

PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS + JavaScript

Chess Engine

Game-Playing Artificial Intelligence

Created a self-learning chess engine using Python and TensorFlow with a neural network in place of a static evaluation function. Implemented an algorithm shell, GUI, and test cases. Wrote findings in an academic paper which compares the effectiveness of a neural network chess engine to an engine implemented with a static evaluation function.

Python (TensorFlow, Pandas); C++


Automated Timetable Management

Programmed an iPhone application using Swift and Objective-C for students in my high school to automatically generate revision timetables for exams. Synced with Google Calendar API and allowed users to customise a number of parameters (e.g length of breaks between activities) to seamlessly integrate schedules with school activities.

Swift, Objective-C
Project Brief

Division Zero

Game Development

Served as a remote developer for Division Zero, a game development agency, for several years. Coordinated with other developers globally to create mobile and PC games on the Unity 3D game engine. Additionally, made a few games on the side using Unity 3D and the Unreal Engine.

Unity 3D, C#, Unreal Engine 5

Gallivant Design

Freelance Web Design

Served as a freelance website developer for several years in Singapore and co-founded a website development agency, Gallivant Design. I worked with clients from Singapore and Australia for several years in order to lead the development process.

HTML/CSS, JavaScript